Art of the Gun®: Magnificent Colts™

The gun book for Colt collectors, historians and aficionados The Art of the Gun®: Magnificent Colts™, the first in our five mega-volume series is now available for purchase from our online store. The two-volume Magnificent Colts™ book by R.L. Wilson and Robert M. Lee, totals approximately 650 pages, with over 1,250 illustration, and more than 100,000 words of text and captions. Of all of R.L. Wilsons books this is the firearms book you must have! This amazing collector’s book sets the standard for Colt collectors of fine firearms as well as fine, collectible books.

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The Art of the Gun, Magnificent Colts

Art of the Gun: Magnificent Colts Dust Jacket Covers of Volume I and II

A landmark in the literature of firearms history and collecting, this extraordinary new book series will showcase some of the rarest and most beautiful sporting guns ever made. Sporting Classics Magazine

Art of the Gun: Magnificent Colts Chapter 6

Magnificent Colts, Intro Spread from Chapter 6: The Civil War and New Model

No object in history can rival the best quality antique firearms in its multiple status as symbol of freedom, captivating mechanical marvel, tool of history, favorite for presentation, treasured equipment of sport, and masterful object of decorative art. Over several decades, Robert M. Lee has collected these antique firearms treasures, spanning from the Renaissance to modern times. The Art of the Gun™ celebrates these collectible firearms as true masterpieces in words and pictures – all of them in glowing color, with many of the firearms in actual size.

An Exceptionally Collectible Colt Book

The two-volume Magnificent Colts® totals approximately 650 pages, with over 1,250 illustrations, and more than 100,000 words of text and captions. Utilizing the most modern of contemporary media search engines, information has been discovered which in previous times was virtually impossible to gather. The considerable fresh data and original illustrations present unprecedented detail in text, documents and photographs of Colt revolvers, rifles & memorabilia, as well as images from films and videos.

Art of the Gun: Magnificent Colts Chapter 7

Magnificent Colts, Spread from Chapter 7: Transition to the Metallic Cartridge

No published work from the multi-century history of firearms can equal, or surpass, The Art of the Gun® series.

Magnificent Colts™ presents some of the most beautiful firearms ever manufactured, including engraving by the great master engravers, the likes of Gustave Young, Rudolf Kornbrath, Alvin A. White, Frank E. Hendricks and Leonard Francolini.

Magnificent Colts™ also recognizes the role of memorabilia and accessories, as well as photography and various other works of art and fashion in the marketing of Colt firearms. Advertising, trade cards, prints and posters, executed sometimes by distinguished engravers and artists, augment the spectacular firearms manufactured during the 175 years since Colt’s was founded, in 1836.

A Unique, One of a Kind Colt Collectible Offering

Measuring 11 x 14-inches, with detailed appendices, bibliography and indexes, and accompanied by a revolutionary DVD with a tremendous amount of freshly researched information, augmenting the book’s detailed text and illustrations.

The opportunity to coauthor Magnificent Colts™ with Bob Lee has proven a unique experience. No expense has been spared to create a unique work of art in this historic two-volume mega-book – filled with new information and amazing photographs. Further, Magnificent Colts™ is the only title specifically published in celebration of Colt’s 175th anniversary: 1836-2011. R.L. Wilson

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Magnificent Colts Chapter 6